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Jan. 23rd, 2026


Jan. 22nd, 2026





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Apr. 4th, 2018


So, I've been seeing a therapist for my anxiety/depression. Mostly my anxiety. Long story short one of the things that keeps cropping up is that I need to do what makes me happy, not worry about what other people think but also push myself outside of my comfort zone (scary).

So. In an effort to be true to myself and to be in a place free of expectations (self made) I figure it might be a good time to start a fresh journal so I'm not weighed down by things in the past.

So if you would like to add me you can find me at [info]togetherinparis

Mar. 25th, 2018

So I'm apping [info]fallcity which is set to open mid April. It's a small town murder mystery game.

I've got [info]glenndouglass a video/audio editor for the tv show pending.

I'm hoping to bring in another character, pb'd by Amy Acker (Dollhouse Era) as a 27 y/o Fall City Native who works as a Primary School Teacher.

That's all I have for her though cause, oops? Does anyone have lines she can fill especially family lines? I'd love a family member in play for her.

Mar. 24th, 2018

I finally have my main computer back! God it's big. I forgot how big it was. lol.

I somehow lost last week. It was the longest week but also I just did nothing but work and sleep?

IDK. I'm doing tags at the moment and I should be making icons cause they were requested back in like September but between my external dying, my laptop dying, health problems and family problems I haven't even started them.

All network tags should be tagged now. I'll tackle threads & friends lists tomorrow.

I'm slowly getting back into my games though but it might be awhile until I'm not all over the place. Like I'm a lot better than I was but not as good as I could be?

I don't even know what I'm saying. I hope you all at least vaguely understand this post.

Love you all even if I don't talk to you guys much you're all wonderful. I might do a better post over on my ooc journal since I don't want to spam you guys too much about rl/health stuff.


Mar. 11th, 2018

Ok so I have four more sets posted over on [info]janeeyre - Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen & Boyd Holbrook all from Logan.

I'm hoping to get my Agents of SHIELD & Victoria sets up soon but otherwise I'm going to be just focusing on movies for awhile. A part from Blade Runner I don't have any defninate plans for movies to cap though. Also going to start capping interviews etc of the list of transgender people.

Do people have anyone they want from movies or any transgender people they would like to see capped? I know I've talked about it before but I'm going to hopefully get started on them tomorrow.

I'm thinking I need to rewatch all of Thor Ragnorok, The Last Jedi & Black Panther.... I need more time off...

Mar. 10th, 2018

FYI: Starting new meds tomorrow. Might be a bit all over the place. Sorry.

You also know I've been super anxious/depressed when I cap a lot.

So have Dianne Doan (Vikings) & Alona Tal, Alyson Hannigan, Hutchi Hancock, Thomas Dekker, Anthony Rapp & Jonathan Bennett all from Do You Take This Man?

I'm working on Logan atm and will hopefully get those up soon. Also slowly sorting the rest of s4 of AoS I just need a break from doing massive tv show sets. They're exhausting. I'm trying to get through my to cap list though as quickly as possible as I keep finding new things to add to it so the sooner I get the older stuff done the better.

Feb. 27th, 2018

I spent most of February on hiatus due to mental health reasons and I already want to go back on it.

I think it says a lot about just how all over the place and how much I'm struggling with RP.

Of course I've managed to convince myself that 99% of you hate me. (I know this isn't true but my brain is absolutely shit atm which is making things harder)

Hai anxiety. >.>.

I'm turning off comments cause I know it's stupid but that's where I am atm.

Feb. 22nd, 2018

Went away for the weekend. Came back and I'm now more exhausted than I was before I left :sobs:

to do this weekend cause so exhausted rn )

Feb. 16th, 2018

I'm supposed to come off hiatus at my games in a few days when I get back from my weekend away but I admit as much as I miss playing it's been super nice not having to worry about it. I've been working on some PSLs and my capping instead which is good.

I've nearly finished redesigning my cap directory which will hopefully be done by the end of next week (i'd say weekend but IDK what the internet situation will be like while away though I will take my laptop with me).

In terms of new sets I've posted Rene Russo in the Thor movies and I'm super sad that there isn't more of her :( :( :( Anthony Hopkins in the first two Thor movies will be being posted soon, probably in the morning as I'm super tired and need to sleep. I've also posted a number of Star Trek: Discovery sets (Sonequa Martin-Green Shazid Latif Michelle Yeoh Mary Wiseman (she is the cutest) Jason Isaacs Doug Jones Wilson Cruz & Anthony Rapp) even though I super struggled with the lighting of the show at times. I'm probably to go back and cap Emily Coutts, Oyin Oladejo, Jayne Brook, James Frain & Mia Kirshner at some point too.

Also I totally had something else to say and I can't remember what. Oops >.>. Oh well I doubt it was important :)

I went to see Black Panther this morning. It was absolutely amazing.

I might have made a Shuri journal already.

Feb. 9th, 2018

So once I finish sorting Discovery & AoS. I'm going to cap Vikings which hopefully won't take long hopefully.

After that I'm going to try and focus on transgender people because there is a lack of resources out there atm.

My list currently is Laverne Cox*, Janet Mock, Arisce Wanzer, Aneesh Sheth, Jamie Clayton** & Candis Cayne for actress.

Chaz Bono***, Thomas Beatie, Jake Graf, Ian Harvie, Richard O'Brien for actors

Please hit me up with others that you wouldn't mind seeing capped!

*Not OitnB (I'm assuming there's plenty of sources/icons for it out there?)
** Not Sense8 ([info]capseroo has some sets of her in it here.
*** Not AHS

Also on hiatus at majority of my games for mental health reasons. I'm going away for the weekend at the end of this coming week (come back on the 20th) so I might just stay on hiatus till then.

Feb. 5th, 2018

And yes I need to finish the 15 days of meme but I wanted to do this one too.

rp meme: trigger warnings - suicide/attempted suicide, self esteem issues, abuse, mention of homophobia & friendship betrayal and all the self esteem & self doubt )

This surprisingly seems to have made me a lot less anxious than I was... I'll take it.

Aaaand I'm not getting notifs :cry:

Feb. 4th, 2018

Who can I bribe to make me icons for Mirror Universe!Lorca in ST:Disco ?? I've capped it but I can't icon it cause I'm still using my shitty computer.

Also do people want me to post the MU caps over on [info]janeeyre now or wait until I can post the entire season?

Feb. 2nd, 2018

So I pulled up a list of my journals and came across [info]cmonambue and I can't for the life of me figure out what it's for especially as it was smack bang in the middle of my star trek discovery journals.



Jan. 26th, 2018

easiest character you've played
Once upon a time it was Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. No question about it. 2012 was a rough year for me and about the time I pretty much quit HP games (I've done a small handful since then but nothing lasted long and I play completely diff chars now really). Between September 2008 & Prob April/May 2012 I played Narcissa 37 times not including PSLs (holy fuck!) and Lucius 58 times not including PSLs (I'm just proving my point...)

HOLY FUCK. I DID NOT REALISE IT WAS THAT MANY TIMES. I mean during those years I was working casual and only had Uni two days a week so I was often in a lot of games but my god that was insane O.O.

I still completely and utterly adore them and have ALL THE HEADCANON for them but... I haven't touched Lucius since then and I'm now playing Narcissa for the first time in a PSL and I'm really struggling to write her (sobs).

These days the easiest?

Phryne Fisher. Perhaps because I love her so much as a character and with her background she can understand and get on with a lot of people and is sociable I find her fairly easy to play. Avengers Academy!Kamala Khan. I'm playing Kamala for the first time at the moment and she's just so bubbly and friendly that even though the game is on the darker side I'm finding it easy to play her. Also Luke Skywalker is another one I have a lot of fun playing and can usually make work quite easily. He's a sassy little adult who I adore.

I also had a very easy and fun time playing Emmeline Vance over at [info]spoilersmod and I'm always sad that game didn't last long. It was a lot of fun!

Jan. 22nd, 2018

15 days of RP: day 2

most difficult character you've played
There's a lot of them unfortunately, all for variety of reasons

Chars I've just struggled to get going in games despite being amazing/strong muses - Elizabeth Weir, Kathryn Janeway & Laura Roslin come to mind. I adore the three of them and play them a lot (Kathryn the most) but I struggle to find games where they actually work? Mordicus Egg & Fiver actually falls into this category too but I haven't tried to play them as often as the three ladies so... There's a few other chars that I've struggled to really get going such as Sif, Dorcas Meadowes etc but they're not chars I've tried my hand at a lot so....

Ugh okay so this is why I don't do memes. I struggle to come up with answers. >.<.