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Jan. 23rd, 2026


Jan. 22nd, 2026





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Nov. 11th, 2017

Starting to watch/cap s4 of AoS and 13.5min on I already know it will be as ridiculously annoying as the other seasons. Can we go back to s1??

Nov. 9th, 2017

I've been trying to type a SoU sort of thing for days and I just keep deleting it cause it seems like I'm whinging and I don't want to do that so... No proper entry update on games/chars?

What I do have is two upcoming sets of caps! Will be posted tomorrow for sure. Jonathan Frakes and John De Lancie in s1 of Star Trek TNG cause I was capping Frakes and Q turned up and I went QQQQQQQQQ!!!!!!.

I'm glad to get back into the swing of capping. Been awhile. Oops. I also need to start iconning again since someone gave me a request (this made me do a double take seriously cause IDK who the hell it was).

I need to sleep but I guess I'll leave my computer running so the caps upload so I can press post on the entry in the morning :)

Oct. 29th, 2017

I've been half considering dropping my games. I'm going through so many up and downs through the past few months. I'm either doing ALL THE THINGS in rp or doing NONE OF THE THINGS. It's a real struggle and not fair to anyone.

Oct. 23rd, 2017

Here's to a new start in November because I fired October a long time ago.

Also I'm aping Tina Goldstein at [info]datasetmods if someone wants to bring in Queenie?

Oct. 12th, 2017


Oct. 7th, 2017

My external hardrive is officially dead. I've lost

7,000 Jonathon Frakes caps
12 eps worth of Madam Secretary caps
11 eps of s4 Agents of SHIELD + caps of the first three episodes
First two eps of Star Trek Discovery
Caps of Katherine Waterston in the new Alien
Caps of How to Lose Friends and Alienate people

If you were after anything above I'll start again tomorrow and get them done asap.

Oct. 4th, 2017

My hiatus might be extended for personal reasons beyond this week.

Sep. 29th, 2017

Aaaand my eternal isn't being recognised by my computer. Here's hoping it fixes itself as it has all my caps & tv shows on it >.>.

Sep. 28th, 2017


To Do
App @ [info]dorcasmeadowes
App @ [info]goldsteintina

- confirm I have activity for everyone
- actually do HG narrative for Phryne
- Kamala, Mon & Luke reactions

Finish sorting Jonathan Frakkes. Seriously. Alex do this. It's been to long (I am nearly there!)
Find torrents for Vikings & Cap (Dianne Doan & Amy Bailey) Requested. Priority
Find torrents for Eps 9-22 of s4 of AoS (or dvds from a friend?) Requested. Priority
Adam Copeland in Haven
Star Trek Discovery.

Katherine Waterston in Alien: Convent Requested. Priority
Connie N in Wonder Woman
Jeri Ryan in Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek Discovery

Sep. 27th, 2017

Is it to soon to ask for Star Trek Discovery PSLs? I'm shipping Phillipa and Michael so hard.


Sep. 25th, 2017


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Sep. 18th, 2017

I'm here to enable for my two games!

Oh yeah I ended up dropping [info]disorder. Great idea I just couldn't get into it after being on hiatus :(

[info]datasetmods (with explanations stolen from mod journals *g*)
is a panfandom, immersive world RPG where extraterrestrial researchers have abducted fictional characters to partake in a series of experiments in a rotating world environment with the intent of studying human nature, spontaneous group and government organization, and stress response based loosely on theories of major philosophers. Play is predominantly social, though overarching plot and intermittent focused plot is also planned.

I play Mon Mothma, Phryne Fisher, Kamala Khan (Marvel: Avengers Academy) and have Luke Skywalker pending

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chars i'm considering there at some point in the future which prob won't be for a bit but a list so i can keep track )

individuals are plucked out of their own lives and into a new one in the year 2264. Starfleet, an organization maintained by the United Federation of Planets that conducts deep-space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy, is tasked to provide safety and housing for these individuals.

I play Daniel Jackson & Bobbi Morse and have Helen Cho nearly done app wise

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Sep. 17th, 2017

Coming off hiatus and playing catch up at games is the hardest.

Sep. 9th, 2017

So. Say I was going to app Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan from Avengers Academy who would her PB be? I'm struggling to find one. The internet like Rowan Blanchard and while she might work for the comic version of her she's not right for AA!Kamala unfortunately.

Sep. 3rd, 2017

So I'm currently watching s2 of Daredevil. I'm enjoying it.

What makes it interesting is back when I was in [info]knowheremod with Maria Hill the Frank Castle player at the time and I plotted out headcanon/backstory that the two of them served in together in Afghanistan and were somewhat friends? muse!Maria is like 'I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the events of HK rn that could be awkward and wtf happened to Castle'.

Meme time! Stolen from various people, feel free for current or old characters.

Give me one of my characters and one of the following letters, and I'll give you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal headcanon.
(b) a reason I find them fun or interesting to play.
(c) five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) three people that I might ship that character with and why.
(e) a song off their soundtrack/their ship soundtrack